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International Exchange Programs

Mekong Art Exchange...

This exchange program included two parts in two neighborhood countries, Vietnam and Thailand in which the historical and important river of the South East Asia, Mekong flows.

Four of New Zero artists, Aye Ko, Kaung Su, Nyein Chan Su(NCS) and Thargyi travelled to Vietnam for Vietnam-Myanmar Mekong art exchange collaborating with five Vietnamese artists. The program was hosted by Nhan San studio in Hanoi There were the presentations of each artists on 24th July. Aye Ko gave some presentation on “Myanmar contemporary art history” and “New Zero Art History”. Then the Myanmar artists gave respective presentations of their recent art works. Moreover, the Vietnamese artists and Myanmar artists had a mutual discussion on the difficulties such as censorship, the situation of art market comparing the progresses of each country. The performance event of the exchange program was shown on 28th July. Myanmar artists made a group performance as a metaphor reflecting their own identities. The Vietnamese artists made solo performances. The brief profiles of these artists were below.

TRAN LUONG_ One of the leading artists of contemporary Vietnamese art world, Luong was born in Hanoi in 1960. He graduated BFA from Hanoi Fine Art Institute in 1983. His first group exhibition in abroad was “Gang of Five-3” at Trope Museum, Amsterdam, Vlissingen in Holland. During 1994-2008, he has already finished over 20 solo exhibitions in painting, installation of video, texts, photograph and sound in home country and in such countries as USA, Japan, Italy, China, Cambodia and Singapore. Since the beginning of his carrier, he has conducted several workshops and conferences the issues and topics of social condition and censorship, visual art, performance art and contemporary art not only in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, But also in USA, Germany, Norway and in Italy. He is now one of the directors of Nhan San Art Gallery. He is the Board director at - ANA - Art Network Asia and at CDEF Culture Development and Exchange Fund (Denmark Fund).From 2000 to 2003; he founded and run the Hanoi Contemporary Art Center. He is the Co-Founder NHA SAN DUC, established in 1998, the first independent art space in Vietnam. He is a well-known curator who promote Vietnamese and Asian art and a well-experienced advisor of several international famous art organization such as: Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT), Non-profit Organization, Pacific Village Institute (PVI) New York City, Asia Art Archive (AAA), British Council Vietnam, Goethe Institute Hanoi and Japan Foundation.

NGUYEN MANH HUNG (Http:// _ a multi-disciplinary artist working with paintings and performances, he has already finished 16 sound and music performances, 19 group exhibitions during 2000-2009. He participated in Nipaf (Nippon International Performance Art Festival) and in Tipaf (Taiwan International performance Art Festival) in 2004. His forth-solo exhibition was at Marena Rooms gallery in Turin in Italy in 2010. He exhibited two solos in 2002, “Trousers and shirts” of installation works at Nhasan studio and “Come with me”, paintings in oil at Goethe Institute in Hanoi.

NGUYEN HUY AN (Http:// This 1982 born young artist graduated from Hanoi Fine Art Institute in 2008.Now he is working with performance art and contemporary art. He participated in Performance Art Festival: KET NOI Vietnam- Singapore in 2008, “New Faces” National youth contemporary Art Exhibition and Nipaf Asia in 2007 and International Performance Art festival No 14 Saigon in 2006. He is an active young generation at Vietnam art scene.

Vu Hong Ninh (Http:// This young generation artist started mostly working with installation and performance art in 2004.In addition, he creates some paintings and media art. He has already finished nearly 20 exhibitions locally. He participated in Nipaf Asia and Video-photos art exhibition, “ASIAN YOUTH IMAGINATION 1” Musui R.D.R Gallery in Japan in 2008.One of his art work ”The Little Soap Buddha” was exhibited at LimDim Stenersen Museum in Oslo in Norway in August 2009.

PHAM NGOC DUONG (Http:// Working on Installation, oil paintings and video art, The 1976 born artist has already finished around 30 group exhibition not only in Vietnam but also in Japan, Singapore, France and Switzerland. Moreover, among his ten solo exhibitions, nine were installation art and the rest one was oil painting show. Some of his selected solo installation pieces are "Black & White" at Cave Gallery in New York, USA and “Under the Magnifying glass" at France Cultural Center L'espace in Hanoi in Vietnam.

After the Vietnam exchange, the Myanmar artists went to Bangkok and participated “Thai/Myanmar One Day Performance Art Event” at Bangkok art house gallery at BACC (Bangkok art and cultural center) at 1 August 2010.The performance artists list was:

Mongkol Plienbangchang (Thai)
NCS (Myanmar)
Kaung Su (Myanmar)
Jittima pholsawek (Thai)
Thargyi (Myanmar) “Self-punishment”
Zoncy (Myanmar) “Red Tradition”
Chakkrit chimnuk (Thai)_ “History of rain”
Aye Ko (Myanmar) “What is life?”

Thai - Myanmar

Vietnum - Myanmar

The International Multimedia Art Festival

France Institute (Yangon)

28 – 30, November, 2012

The first International Multimedia Art Festival in Myanmar has been organized by New Zero Art Space in 2012. The artists from over 35 countries were invited and participated. The French Institute offered the venue for 3-day events and that festival included art exhibition, live performance and two days symposium. Altogether over 100 artists from Myanmar and over 35 countries had a great experience, networking and sharing between each other. Since it was Multimedia Art Festival, the exhibition included painting, photography, installation, sculpture, video, graffiti, sound and performance art. As a developing country and a country in the transition period, art scene of Myanmar is in the sight of all eyes. The art writers, art critics, curators and journalists are coming and searching for the new things of art in Myanmar. As the country has been through the time under military governments, people are still need to be educated about the new arts. Especially for the performance art, it is still an underground movement. It is still confused with demonstrations or striking and people are afraid of what the artists doing. Through the “International Multimedia Art Festival”, people have been introduced the new arts and also the participated artists from different countries saw how is chaining going in Myanmar. At the seminar, every participants got a chance to share respective experiences and have been suggested each other. So, the festival was not just about celebrating but about exchanging and sharing in between.


Myanmar and Korea Art Exchange Project

New Zero Art Space

Arts are especially representing culture of the people and of course their lives, needs and desires. And some are focusing upon transition of the country’s political issues, crises, rights and also based on the concept of being in unseen and unexpected changing of the Myanmar Democracy waves. Myanmar and S. Korea are considered that they have similar history. Both countries have colonial memory and similar political situation. So with this project both countries artists can learn many things from each other. We can learn differences, similarities, feelings, desires, attitudes of the life and some many things from each other. During the 25 days residency project in New Zero Art Space even though 25 days are not enough to know each other but artists can start to touch each other with art.

Releasing apart from every differences and distances, art is arise by the touch of souls inside. Touch will bring you not to Asia, not to Europe but to an artistic soul. “Touch” is by the artists from Korea and Myanmar. We can say, they are different as they are from different countries. And we can say, they are same as they all are from Asia and they all are artists. However, works of art are representing not for being differences but for seeing each other. It is happening just by the touch of art.

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