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Activities Review

Public Programs

Art Workshop @ Orphanage Home
Date: 5.12.2010 (Sunday)

This is the first public program of our residency artists. In order to touch deeply with Myanmar people, Pilar discussed with us about her idea to give an art workshop to the orphans as for fun. Anyway, this idea might concern with her projects based on the concept of “Homesick”. Then, on that day of December 5, Pilar conducted a workshop for orphans at a small orphanage home. About 25 students of New Zero Art classes joined to the program and assisted to the artist in the workshop of Paper Mask making. The orphanage home exists in South Dagon Township. After 30-40 minutes drive from Studio, New Zero group arrived to the orphanage home at 10:30 am. The children welcomed the group with their sweet songs and dance performances in the living room. Pilar distributed 1000 kyats to each child. Then she started her workshop at up floor hall. The children learnt how to create beautiful colored paper masks. After one hour-workshop, all had lunch together- and ice cream. All were happy to be with the lovely children having water melon fruits. Amazing day! Thanks to the work committee of the orphanage home. The group went back at around 1 pm.

Nargis Donation Trip...

On 5 May 2008, there was a very powerful cyclone, Nargis ( at the delta region, Ayeyarwady Division. The new zero group travelled to this area to donate clothes, food and farming equipments. Besides, we created a participatory memorial for the Nargis Victims (Over hundred thousand of people destroyed) one month later, praying for them with a large array of candles. Our future intension is to teach art to the both orphaned and HIV children.

Art Education..

New Zero artist, Aye Ko conducted a workshop, about how to teach art to the children, to the music students at Gitamate music school in Yangon, Myanmar. New Zero used to educated people art by chance.

Now, a few of New Zero artists and students are volunteering at the public program cooperating with Local NGO, International NGOs as or free individual group concern with art such as teaching art to the children at the orphanage, painting and decoration at the school’s walls, etc.

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