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The Unconcealed Souls: 2nd Solo Exhibition 

Artist Satt Aung T.T

29th October – 11th November,, 2015

Venue – New Zero Art Space

Address – No 202, 2nd Floor, United Condo, Ah Lan Pya Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar

+95  9 73129520, +95 9 73199473


The Unconcealed Souls 

There were the ones who tried to erase them from the history and to hide their existence. But they are still alive around and exist in the world as the unconcealed souls.  

Satt Aung T.T is the one who paints the essence of Myanmar cultural and ethnical images in his ways of painting. The curvy lines that remind of Picasso and Satt Aung T.T compose the colours of livings in Myanmar.  Since at his first solo exhibition “Underneath Sky”, he showed the series of paintings which reflect the environment of Myanmar with festival, cultural routings and the nature. 


In this time of his second exhibition “Unconcealed Souls” he painted the series of paintings of traditional deities in his style of curvy lines and breathing colours.  The belief of traditional deities is still accepted in this country with fetishism. And it is still involved in the part of Myanmar culture. There were so many artists and painters who presented about this culture before Satt Aung  T.T.

But he, Satt Aung T.T comes with his different perspective. He sees them as the recognized and recorded ones by the people. He sees them as the victims of autocracy who immolated their lives, love, families and the dreams by force. For example, the guardian MinnMaHar Giri and his family have been killed and assassinated by King Dagaung. At that time of autocracy, many of human being, scholars, knights and souls were killed and effaced with indefinite reasons. But by the ways how people tried to memorialize them even under fearful situation, they are still involved and existed as one of the religious beliefs. In the way, lots of shrines were arisen, still uprising and kept those souls alive. 

That is the way how they survive. Again now, the artist Sat Aung T.T shows his honour and respect to them by his art. He let these souls fly in his curvy lines and let them breath in his colours of royally red. He paints not their portrait or shows not their blinking dresses or not even about the religious relationship. But it is of the respects between human and the souls and he presents that with his art. And he recorded as the survivors and the ones who couldn’t be concealed by the command or by the power.  Though time goes by, so many things are still left inside and it is the way how today media work. 

Haymann Oo [Curator of the exhibition]


Activities Review

Solo Exhibitation

Aung Myint Solo Show “14.a.m”

DATE - 27.12.2010 to 31.12.2010
TIME - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
VENUE - New Zero Art Space

“When the people became older and unhealthy, they have someone to take care of them but for those found objects, when they became older, nobody takes care of them.”, Aung Myint, the father of Myanmar Modern Art said. The fourteenth exhibition of Aung Myint was recently exhibited at New Zero Art Space. The whole exhibition space was well enough for the content of unhealthy found objects in bandages. There were 27 art works in total. Among them, except 4 paintings, the rest all were installation arts. Though he has been done such kind of concept-based art works, now is the not really new, but, as a presentation if newly created. The concise and minimized presentation of the installations made the audience deepened in the comparison of lives in living and non living environments.
Aung Myint’s concern with his own life brought a definite comment that one should find the value of being alive even once in the life. The fourteenth exhibition was the best example of the distance between the life and art and also, of the unity of life and art of Aung Myint.

Ma Ei.

DATE - 24. MAY. 2010_26.MAY.2010
VENUE - New Zero Art Space

In her first solo show, the artist used her own photographs taken by the seashore.Since 2009, she was taking photographs for this exhibitions. She used the Photoshop to transform the photographs into digitized pictures. Her concept for all of the artworks is concern with her own life experience, her controversial memories of being a woman, and her ideological thinking on the meaning of life.

Thu Myat First Solo Show.

DATE - 27 February 2010-3 March 2010
VENUE - New Zero Art Space

The 24 years old artist, who mostly concern with hip-hop music and culture, he used to paint about urban scene and happenings. In our country, It could not be possible to create graffiti on the streets as It is still far away from the “accepted art” and just “underground” now. This young artist began painting graffiti since 2002. He operated with another crews for a few among all of the works he exhibited. This was the first solo urban art exhibition in Myanmar. He and his friends, Yangon-based underground graffiti artists, they displayed live graffiti art on wooden boards. Some of the famous hip-hop musicians and underground musicians enjoyed the exhibition.

Aye Ko Solo Show

New Media Art
DATE - 2 November 2009 – 8 November2009
VENUE - - Law Ka Nat Gallery

Renowned internationally, he used to practice with multimedia including performance. As a work that has such king of practice is a video “Silent Escape”. His works are often remarkable as an abstract form reduced from the association with nature. In his paintings of “Blue Night”, “Golden Night” and “summer”, one could see how he worked with nature. Challenging new concepts of the individual, the spiritual and the ideological, he made an installation titled “Think About”.

Kaung Su

Paintings And Works On Paper
DATE - 9. October 2009-22 October 2009
VENUE - Suvanabhumi Art Gallery, Chaing Mai, Thailand

In 1196, he had his first one-man exhibition at Art Club Gallery in Yangon. Combined together the ordinary human face and expressive technique, his ongoing this Black face series is remarkable him as a well-known Abstract Expressionist. Heinrich Boll Foundation supported the artist promoted by New Zero art space and the Suvanabhumi art gallery.

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