New Zero Art Space

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Two days art class at a village school by Small Art School and
New Zero Art Space supported by KDDI Foundation

 4 – 5 October, 2014


Two – Day art class by led by the Japanese teacher from small art school in Cambodia collaborating with New Zero Art Space has been happening in PaneNaeGone Village, MhawBi, Myanmar. The class was supported by KDDI foundation for all materials and teaching components. Though that was only two – day class, the works of the children were so strong and colourful. They didn’t have any painting and drawing practices before and that was their first time. The trainers let the kids draw what in their mind, for example their parents, scene of their village, friends and pets. And the Japanese teachers show the kids how to use water colours and oil pastels combining together. All the kids enjoy the class and the KDDI foundation donated the rest of the materials from the class to the children. And the collected art works by the kids from PaneNaeGone Village will be exhibited at New Zero Art Space by the 17th of January, 2015.

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