New Zero Art Space

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Open to all those who have an interest in art.


One could study in our library of art books, the other various kinds of books, DVDs, and Local documentaries for free. The aim of the library is to disseminate and share new knowledge with artists and with anyone who wishes to learn about art. The volunteers of New Zero Second Batch students founded the library systematically. The library opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the office hours. On the other days, it opens just in the afternoon.


Everyone who would like to be a member of the library, the admission fee is only 5000 Kyat's (5US$) a year, two books for one time rent due to one week. This is very small amount!

We also have a SMALL VIDEO CENTER in a collection of best movies and film works. Totally 300 films, short films, art works documentaries, etc. if you would like to rent a DVDs, VCDs, or CDs, you have to be a library member and you have to give extra 1000 kyats plus the total admission fee. The volunteers of New Zero Second Batch Students founded this small video center. Not only physical assistance, they gathered and donated some budget to buy CDs, DVDs, and so on.

We will be establishing the art documentary center_ Myanmar Visual Art Archive, all of the documentations of Myanmar Art and Myanmar Artists.

In order to widen local network to distribute update information of foreign art society, we are know building an ART INFORMATION RESOURCE CENTER for every artists.

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