New Zero Art Space

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New Zero art space is to offer intensive and effective course content in the concepts and skills that are fundamental to the visual arts, a place to practice Modern and contemporary art. New Zero art classes was founded in 2008.With a chance to explore their visions to challenge and heighten their senses, to discover themselves and a surrounding of artistic thinking and doing. In 2008, the first batch students joined the classes at New Zero Art Space. The class is the small room behind the exhibition hall. In early 2008, we found and rent an apartment as New Zero Art Studio. Since then, the next batches are trained in the first floor of the studio. We really please to let you know is that from that art classes, young generation artists who are really eager to practice today international contemporary art world, emerge out. For the supplementary to the classes, we created a small but, effective library to reference and self-study, a video center and some documentation. After the training, we organize the final exhibition at the New Zero Art Space after over 6 months of study.


For student

We offer free of charge training including drawing materials to everybody who are interested in art without limitations in ages, races, and in everything. Do not need to pay any fee for the training, even for hand out. Everybody who would like to study Modern art, New art and contemporary art is warmly welcomed to our new zero in any time. Complete student information could get at New Zero office at the upstairs of the New Zero Studio or contact the phone number_ 09 5000 802.

Now we have already finished third batch. The forth batch will be started on 2.October.2010 at the New Zero Studio.


Now we are nearly to finish sixth batch and the exhibition for the new artists will be on…………
Add 0973129520




We have regular children art class for kids every summer of the year, at the school holidays season. The ages between 3 to 15 years old, Grade-1 to Grade-11 students join this class. Now we have already finished third batch in last summer of 2010. Same to Adult class, every material are free. We organize final exhibition after 3 months of training. The first batch was at the New Zero Art Space and then from the second batch, the classes are at New Zero Studio.


 4th batch program is currently running. (summer)
Teaching Art to HIV/AIDS suffering children -1 month program
(March _ April)
Teaching Art to Monastery and street children- summer program



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