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Confessions of the Philatelist Documentary Screening

One year professional art development training programs was conducted by New Zero Art Space in 2012. Contemporary Art Training, Documentary Training, Performance Art Training, Curatorial and Art Management Training and Poetry and Literature Training have been introduced to the young artists and the youth who interested. At the end of all trainings, five small grand awards have been awarded to each group of participants. The documentary of stamps “Confessions of the Philatelist” has been selected as one of the awards and screened at New Zero Art Space.

Aim to remind people in this age of technology about one thing that has been the courier for centuries and still. Technology is higher and the Internet and online service like Skype, Google mail and social network, Facebook are very helpful for people in their communication. Before technology era, stamps were aids for communication. That is why the reason I would like to show extensively about stamp that speaks in praise about the society, politic, education, economy, environment, and more over. And I also intend to show about currencies and geographical facts of the countries. “STAMP” is going to include the speech of interesting stamps by U Kyaw Myint Maung; the writer of “Myanma Stamp enthusiast handbook” and “Prosper Way in Collecting Stamps”, brief bio of U Kyaw Myint Maung and the stamps collected by U Kyaw Myint Maung, U Myint Aung who guided U Kyaw Myint Maung , Nay Shu Muang and Ko Zaw the pupils of U Kyaw Myint Maung. And the story of the song composer and his song “Jay Stamp” that has been famous in Myanmar once upon a time would be going to include in this documentary. Then you have to see about the stamps that are still in a row in Myanma Post and Telecommunication, some are priceless and some are worthless. It was really nice to know the history of Myanmar Stamps, stamp collectors, stamp hunters and stamp market here. Though seven minutes is not totally enough to cover the whole story of stamps but it reached to a mile stone. Knowing there were the years without publishing any stamps in here is really like pointing something about the role of government postal service. And the role of stamp reminds the people that it is one of the main parts of the country’s history.

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