New Zero Art Space

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Rhythm in a Mixture

Duet Art Exhibition by Artist Ko Ye and Artist Ko Aung

New Zero Art Space

Artist Ko Ye

There is the sense of suffocated breath that wanting for a room to breathe in the paintings by artist Ko Ye. The artist moved and placed the true apparent behind pretending, welled hopes, needs and wants of the community on the canvases as the composition of colours and brushes. Then, they become the works of art. The colourful composition and the jumbled lines bring the viewers breath in a fix. But that is what life is. The humanity has been found than his skills in his works of art. He, the artist change the image of people running for money, dreams, hopes and profiteers as symbol like figures in his paintings. There is definite meaning in each piece of the symbols. And each reflects the restless lives in the routines. In that way, he, artist Ko Ye described life and art.

Artist Ko Aung

Sense of freedom was seemed to be lost in the strong colour composition. The brushes and colour on the canvases had been taken by conscious and unconscious mind deep inside of artist drive and vying each other. The process between hands and the inner mind that commands the hands caused the brush works as restrained mind, dissatisfaction and silent exploring on the surface of canvas. A fraction of artist’s soul has been exposed in his work of art. The sparkling spots on dark and strong coloured background seem like the existence between presence and desire. Those dark and strong colours might be for the sake of what artist wants to be, and the hesitant brushes might be his presence imprisoned himself. Sparking sports are floating. Brushes are flying up and down. But there are faltering and inhibition that are separately apart from theories. Meanwhile, that was the art of artist. The artist, he activate everything came out of his conscious and unconscious as work of art.

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