New Zero Art Space

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Satt Aung T.T

The first Solo art exhibition of Artist Satt Aung T.T have been held in New Zero Art Space on 16th of February, 2013. The exhibition took 5-day long and the artistic approach to the cultural and religious themes of the country society. Especially the curve lines of the artists took the audiences to a place of where the art lies.

Satt Aung T.T was born in Wun Tho the little town in upper Myanmar once Shan dynasties ruled. He was friendly with music since he was a boy. He can play guitar very well since he was 14 or 15. He organized a youth music band, he used to compose the songs and use to sing since that time and in the other hand he illustrated for the movie show advertising boards as his hobby. He started his steps to be a painter since then. Being having a heart of pure artist, he put his passionate to pay the pure art to his audiences. So his songs were own tune and his paintings were in his own idea and style. He is a self-taught artist and he really adores art. He writes poems, composes the songs, draws the cartoons, sings the songs and also directs the music MTV and documentary film. He came into art field by New Zero Fire Art Show in 2008. It was his very start as a painter and he became a professional painter. At this time in 2008, he showed his two art works and one was abstract painting and one was surrealism. The most clear to see in Satt Aung T.T is the transparence honesty inside of his heart. Also his paintings, they really give wholesomeness just like him. His colour composition seems like not really proficient but that is the point to make to see the purity in his painting with a few techniques. His paintings were included the composition like cubism in 2010. Then in 2011 and 2012 he started to paint the paintings of Myanmar traditions, culture and beauty mixing realism and lines based on cubism. Just like he makes people think by listening to his songs, in also in his some painting, he makes people thinking. The lines in his paintings speak a lot to the audience. Even though he uses straight lines, also curves and any kinds of lines, he aspires really straightforward. He would love to see people happy seeing his paintings and he would like to leave his paintings to make people happy even in the time he is not exist. Anyway, just like a little fish in his painting he is still trying to breaking out the net then and after…

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