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Terms of the faces

Solo Art Exhibition by Artist Weekmoteti

New Zero Art Space

There will always be a meaningful sentence tracing after the vocabulary that has modified by adjectives and adverbs. By the power of the elements, the meaning of the sentence is getting to alive. The grammar rules not only the sentences or paragraphs but also the composition of human faces. There is grammatical composition on the faces of human also. And this is what the artist Weekmoteti expresses in his paintings, “Term of Faces”. The faces in the paintings are already familiar via many kinds of media like press, broadcasting, books or school lessons. Or may not be familiar or may be strange for some. It seems like plain to see at first sight as these all are the faces of (17) presidents and leaders of (16) countries. They are the presidents, national leaders, opposition politicians, mostly knows. But to be deeper down to Weekmoteti’s background of creating these works of art, why he chose these 17 leaders amongst the leaders in the whole world is the main essence of the works. There is a link between each paintings and it is connected to the current political situation of Myanmar in transition period.

Based on the situation in transition, the smiling faces show the constructive intention of artist’s opinion upon diplomatic procedures and economical initiation between Myanmar and those countries. Especially to say, the specific characteristics on each face make the faces speaking and alive. And the map of china on the president Thein Sein face and the map of United States of America on the face of Daw Aung San Su Kyi show state of affairs and the relationship between Myanmar and those countries.

The artist, Weekmoteti is the one who is waiting and ready for his ending by ailment in his kidney and his colour composition is similar to the poison in his blood. And he is still alive and strong as living with art brings him the extra lifetime. Sense of evasion of the unconscious mind of the one who is ready to face the death can be seen in the colour composition photo effect like paintings of faces.In the other hand, the jumbled state of mind between the deep concentration in art and living with suffering is suffused in his paintings.

The faces bringing out by Weekmoteti are silently reciting and composing about the present of the future and debating about the past.The artist included part of Myanmar’s current situation in his paintings “term of faces”. In that way the political situations of the country in transition, the expected future after that and the relationship with other countries around the world become the artistic expressions on the canvas of the artist.

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